Industry Mapping

Industry Mapping

Talent Mapping or industrial mapping is the targeted naming and appointment of people with skills to fill both existing, newly created and future roles in an organization

We provide organizations with customized services for the spot the talent required to enter new market, identify skills gaps and recruit outstanding executives

It’s often a complex task to discover whether a certain brand of talent exists in the market. In such scenarios, we provide our clients with comprehensive analysis of the availability and quality of talent if exists, within their reach.

Whether recruiting a new chairman or executive, or establishing a business team in a new market, we create detailed reports illustrating who’s who across our clients’ sectors and other relevant markets.

With committed researchers, our team works closely with industry leaders and our own consultants to develop broad and engrossing reports on potential candidate. Creativity stands the centre of our research methodology.

Mapping is not only required for sourcing of a job but also for competitive analysis. In this service we research, and reveal the larger picture alongside identifying the professionals. Hence we allow full identification of competitors and allow you to spot the talent across other competitor’s maps.

Through our sound approach we are able to provide effective research support to clients, whatever be their requirements.