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Adler Talent Solutions is one of the rapidly growing consulting company specializing in Executive Search, providing customized solutions such as Temp Staffing, Payroll Solutions, Statutory Compliances and Training required for global organizations in various industries. We also offer various consulting services such as Management Consulting, Startup consulting, Legal Consulting. We provide these services through a combination of cutting edge ideas, practical solutions and procedures, which are presented in an unambiguous manner. Our professional team of dedicated consultants have a broad range of experience covering the private and public sectors in domestic and international market who are committed to deliver fast and effective high quality services.

The term “Adler” in German is used for Eagle which was founded by Mr. GM Lalwani (Chairman at Adler Talent Solutions Pvt. Ltd.) after a deep contemplation on the same characteristics between the job of a recruiter and an Eagle (Adler).Just as the Eagle is sharp-minded and aggressive in finding its prey, our recruiters have an equal focus in finding the right contenders for each assignment within the lowest TAT. Our logo depicts a flying eagle with its eyes on 2 planets and its hold on one. The central idea behind this is, that we as a team and Company have a clear vision of successfully taking over one planet and even after achieving our set goal, we will not slow down as there are other two planets left to be conquered.

The initiation of Adler was due to the insightful intellect of our Managing Director, Mr. Raj Lalwani who has a strong experience in Executive Research and Resourcing across multiple sectors and vivid geographical locations across the globe such as India, USA and the Middle East. He also possesses a good understanding of Industry dynamics and the ability to provide leadership in a highly competitive environment for managing interpersonal relationships. Mr. Raj Lalwani is a highly persistent, analytical and self motivated personality involved in developing business relationships with target clients to transform opportunities into successful advisory service projects.

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